How do you monitor your crypto?


Monitor your Binance trades and get notified when they gain profit

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Monitor Trades


Add your trades and keep track of your running portfolio in one view



Connect your Telegram account and receive alarms and check your trade status any moment

Price Alerts


Set a price and get a notification when the price reaches the value

More Features

Sell Price Calculator: Create a trade and set the desired margin of profit. We calculate what your limit sell order value needs to be
Calculation of profit is real profit. We deduct the buy fee and sell fee
See live updates like profit, market value and dollar value
Use Telegram to receive profit alarms you have set and check the status of your portfolio every second of the day
Cryptomonitor Me is a stand alone monitoring system. You need to add your trade with the most accurate values as possible. We re-calculate your trade information every 3 seconds. The near-realtime information shows you the actual state of your trade. You decide yourself if and when you sell your trade at Binance. If you did, delete the trade or mark it as sold to build a trading history.